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Lessons and Allegories in My Book(s)

Different Standards on Clothing and Behavior

Controlling The Perception of Others

Reasons Your Appearances Is Important

  1. Your clothing can effect the actions and behavior, not the opinions, of you and (mostly) others.
    1. People will be more willing to take your seriously if you dress, and act, with decency, dignity, and self-respect. 
    2. When people say that what you wear can effect your behavior, their use of the word behavior is their way of referring to how you carry yourself in public, your method of performance when doing tasks, and your amount of self-worth. But it does not refer to: who you are, your beliefs, your values, or your preferences. You will always have at least one preference at least one another person does not like.
    3. People are willing to let things get out of hand, even if you don't know any better, simply because of you appearance. 
    4. People are less likely to look down on you because of your appearance.
  1. It is possible to control your appearance while maintain your personal stand points on certain issues. You can stay true to yourself and your beliefs without your appearance effecting them, you just have to find out how. 
    1. Remember: People make assumptions about you because they can see you, but they cannot read your mind. Having an opposing opinion does not mean you can voice it in the way both you and other people want. It just means you must maintain two things: self-control and self-respect, when you do. You will probably feel weird, but it will get better that way after doing it for a while. Your opinion may (or may not) cause others to question you on it, but that is just how meeting new people can - sometimes has to - be.
    2. Make sure the clothing that fits your tastes is not indecent to others.
  2. Do not hold your opinions - or anything thing of any stress - in, otherwise you will drive yourself to criminal insanity. If you have an opinion, do not do the following:
    1. Use profanity
    2. Use indecently explict diction [word choice]
    3. Act in any way that draws negative attention
  3. Instead, do these things when expressing yourself
    1. Make eye contact, as long as necessary
    2. Be politely blunt when disregarding statements you hate
    3. Explain your point-of-view and the reason(s) behind it

How You Can Have Self-Control & Still Express Yourself 

  1. Once you achieved the above, you can achieve the things/circumstances you want if you:
    1. ...know (and try to abide by) the conventional standards around you.
    2. ...can be bluntly and professionally assertive when having face-to-face conversations.
    3. what you can. Don't try to do multiple things - only what gets the job done right. If you won't do right thing honestly and willingly, then it is better to do wrong.
    4. ...can show respect for those around you.
    5. how you feel in a positive way - even if it seems useless.
    6. ...know how to get people to respect and listen to you - without angering them.
    7. ...treat others the way you would want them to treat you.

Natural Beauty & Attractiveness: Start With The Basics

Start As Early As Possible

Water Reduces Wrinkles

One thing people don't understand is that drinking water helps blood flow, raising sagging or sinking areas of the skin, reducing the number of wrinkles. My book will have examples for this, along with things above and below it, but this blog will give instructions before that.

Limit Fast Food & Fast Snack Consumption

Fast Food and similar food are not problems, but too much of either can be one. The oils and other ingredients in those foods gets filtered into our bodies through our kidneys. When they get into our pores, those oils and other ingredients can get clogged in them unless we drink water, which breaks them down.

Fruits, Vegetables, & (at least) 15 Minutes

Healthier foods and exercise can help with inherited attractive features. Since it is too hot for even thirty minutes, fifteen seems like a reasonable amount of time in the sun. Doing this helps your blood (and the water in it) run more easily, reducing wrinkles and acne.


Learning Self-control & Positive Self-expression

The Importance of Self-control

Everyone has intentionally used profanity and showed vulgar behavior at some point, unless those problems were corrected beforehand or they are influenced by others who do.  However, controlling yourself does not mean you have to let everyone walk over you. Gaining friends, or being left alone, can be done in many ways, whether directly or indirectly, using the right body language, along with tone of voice and acceptable diction when speaking. This blog will vaguely tell how to accomplish that, before my book is published, in the paragraphs below. In reference to them, follow them as well as you honestly can, not expected to.

Use of Tone of Voice and Diction

If you want to get your opinion out and get the result(s) you want, without getting in trouble, be aware of others' tone of voice and diction. You can use the same voice tone and diction as them to get treated the same way as them, but you might not like their opinions to what you say. In other words: Don't just scream profanity later when you can say stuff earlier, in a more acceptable tone, equally acceptable diction [vocabulary chosen, clarity of prenounciation, not the language spoken] and acceptable context with it. Doing so will allow you to seem more acceptable, though deep down you don't have to like others' comments on it. You can manipulate people into staying away from, or stop talking to, you by using what they say or mean against them, by using direct statements and examples that contradict what others are trying to

Use of Body Language & Facial Expression

Body language can send messages with or without coinciding with someone's choice of clothing. Body language also includes facial expressions. You can mix body language and facial expressions with a good appearance to push away or befriend others in a more subtle way than obnoxious behavior. Facial expression is more subtle and effective than conspicuous indecency. Remember: All appropriate body language is acceptable when mixed with a good appearance and your choice of facial expressions. You can always verbally ask for the type of respect that is not demanded by your appearance, even angrily. In addition to all of what is previous stated, make eye contact (to impose respect and - if you prefer to - fear). One more tip: Even if they are not on or your music is not playing, do not have (a) headphone(s) in (one of) your ear(s) simply to keep people from approaching you.

Understand The World Around You: Becoming More Social

Understanding the world, and people, around you should not be hard. However, it may still result in you not having the friends you want, but you will get respect from others. But respect from them to you will probably mean they still isolate themselves from you. On the other hand, you may attract friends doing things you would least expect to - like the things they tease you about. In fact, you may get a date, or the attentions of someone you want to attract, because of those things. On top of that: asking questions you are afraid of being answered helps you understand the environment, though you might not always like the answers. Again: You can always verbally ask for a type of respect that is not demanded by your appearance. Another thing: Directly confronting people you admire is always better than drawing attention.

Respect and Consideration for Others

Always try to maintain decency and respect for others. By all avalible means, make sure you keep things between you and others as professional - even dull - as possible. You don't have to be willing to join in conversations, unless directly suggested to do so. If so, suggest a different topic if the current one does not suit you. Only get comfortable if you are allowed to, not before. You may never sacrifice the pleasure(s) you have enjoyed, but others will - subconsciously - appreciate your manners. You will not like some of those people because of who they are. One day, the favor will be returned. You can always verbally ask for a type of circumstance that is not demanded by your appearance. A few more things: 1) keep personal space between you and others, 2) respect others' belongings, 3) make sure your actions and words are not offensive to others.

Constructively Expressing Anger 

When someone makes you angry, it is best to think about how they made a point. If someone asks you a question that you do not want to answer, sternly rebuffing them or facepalming yourself is a good option. You may even use what they have stated against them. You can always verbally ask for a type of respect and circumstance that is not demanded by your appearance, regardless of how others respond to what you say. Sometimes, outright ignoring them or giving them non-verbal signs to leave you alone will work. Acting in a way that causes people to feel bad maybe the only way to get them to listen to you. Outright demanding somethings or refusing to say anything, and explaining why you do such, maybe the only way to achieve what degree of respect you want. Refusing to do more than take up space unless satisfied is another alternative. If they are not reasonable-enough to stop teasing and ask why you are acting the way you are, tell them bluntly how you feel. Do not ask rhetorical or satirical [sarcastic] questions simply because they seem to be doing that to you. In the chance people ask for assistance, and you deny them that and they get something wrong, understand one thing: you could have helped them but didn't. Never complain about what you could have prevented. On things that you debate about, hate the person's standpoint, not the person themself. Never hate the debater nor the debate itself, but hate the other debater's method of debating. Undermining the intention of what someone means is a good way to get the results you want or be told what you want or need to hear. 

    Sunday, April 6, 2014

    The Purpose of My Book(s)

    My Plan

    I plan on helping people, when they are still young and beyond, handle their psychological and sociological problems and/or fit in, as well as awkwardness, without doing it the incorrectly or indecently. My book will not be just fictional and entertaining, but emotionally and spiritually informative. It will make people question certain standards and unwritten rules - whether conventional or personal - so people have an alternative way of getting out their comfort zones without being visually, disturbingly conspicuous. Doing so would also let people know that everyone they see may have overlook differences from them. 

    How I will accomplish this

    I will explain why people - in general - should wait and think about what they will end up doing if they put impressing others over maintaining good mental health or how they need to sharpen their courtesy skills. These are things that cause negativity in people, which will be magnified by anxiety and low self-esteem. On some moments, some readers might feel like my book is telling them what to do, but it will only convey messages about everyday pitfalls and decisions, and the consequences of those decisions, whether good and bad. It will be euphemistically explicit.

    How Readers Can Help

    I want this blog post's readers to give me their input - in the 'comments' section - on how my book's characters should overcome emotional and social challenges. However, I need you to describe or list reasons why people might do silly or ridiculous thing, as well as common sense mistakes. You can choose to give examples, that you have experienced, describing mistakes regarding others visual appearances, actions, habits, and social interactions.On the latter's note, such things also include courtesy mistakes.

    Monday, January 6, 2014

    My Characters' Clothing Attributes

    Introduction of what to expect

    For Everyone 

    By writing a book that might one day evolve into a media franchise, I am going to do my best/part to change the way they portray women in media (entertainment) that takes place in a modern day setting - not in a cheesy/corny way, though. I believe that modesty is: dressing with regard to your taste & self-respect, along with respect and decency for others, the time of year, and the occasionall at the same time. Which is why I want to know your opinion as well as those of people I am associated with. I know that, in general, standards of modesty change with every  race, nationality, religion, general location, or individuals' standards. Another thing I am aware of is that people don't flatly tell you that they think decency (for others) should be considered, and give their opinions through cruel hints. But maybe you can give tips on clothing and enhancing natural - anti-cosmetic/hygiene-aided - beauty. What do you think of the clothes I came up with? I am using outfit descriptions and images - files and images are unorganized (there are more files are below "Everyone's Opinions" at the end). Take as long to reply as you need. I just want to know: Can't people just politely, but bluntly, say, "Keep your [certain body part] covered", or something like that? If they can say it in a decently blunt way, it should not matter what other people think about them making it obvious, right? I believe people can be considered toothsome in a modest way - great (modestly alluring, professionally seductive, or stimulating [highlyappropriately, and maturely attractive] - not just cute [attractive in a perky/dainty way])! What about other people, including you? According to my own standards, I can tell when a girl has a beautiful body. Toothsome [sexy] doesn't have to be indecent or inappropriate. I would know. It's just that a random people may or may not be blessed to have it. It would be nice if we noticed something modestly sexy about the person we have affections for. Shouldn't people ask each other, and themselves, about standards before getting to know one another? And when it comes to respect, we are supposed to respect each other, no matter what you/they wear, even though most (people) don't see it that way, and let's not forget that some people can't respect and be physically attracted to someone at the same time. Those same people just think that you can be with someone simply because of appearance and - possibly - posture. The way I see it: if you can be a show-stopper without being indecent, then you are blessed. But if you don't, then don't do anything considered (socially) wrong or unacceptable. Meaning that the main characters will be the subtly recognized in terms of their professional lives and first impressions.

     I am sorry about the high level of content.

    Description of My Female Characters' Casual Clothes

    1. Tops/Shirts: Based on all shirts, and come in all sizes

    • First style- Tops that are a combination of opaque tops with a high neckline and sleeves (from cap to long), along with a two-sided, color-blended, tube top-like piece of fabric that is attached to an equally tight, crop top-like piece, sewn from the inside. The width of the each sleeve is adjustable. It also comes with sweat sponges to prevent underarm rashes. This shirt can be a workout top or street casual shirt.
    • Second style - A buttoned dress shirt that can be worn to church, school, a business meeting, a casual event, or any other special occasions. It is also called the Miss Modesty Shirt. It comes with a bonus: a black jacket, a cardigan and three different skirts:
      • midi-skirt (pronounced "mid-ee-skurt") - an exactly mid calf-length skirt.
      • pencil skirt that is either knee-length or an inch below it, but not at the calf.
      • T-skirt - a skirt made from a recycled/re-purposed T-shirt, with invisible zippers, full-length, two-way separating side zippers, and may come with artistic overlays or yokes.
    • Third style - Opaque shirt, with a neckline five inches below the collarbone, on top of a thicker, snow-white, V-necked Tee-style, midriff-covering fabric with matching-color sleeve cuffs. It has the buttons and collar of a women's/girl‘s Polo shirt.
    • Fourth style - A V-neck shirt with the chest of a 2½ inch-higher necked shirt sown in behind it.
    • Fifth style - Similar to a modified combination of the first and third variants. A sheer, sleeved, blouse-like shirt on top of a thicker, Tee-style garment with everything that is the width of more than four fingers below the collarbone is sewn into the surface of a built-in tube top. The Tee-styled garment has white sleeves and matching-color cuffs.
    • Sixth style - Shirt with V-neck, down to the tip of the cleavage, with a fabric stitched across V-neck. The V-neck shirt in floral print, while the fabric is complimenting it with a solid or neutral color.
    • Seventh style - A shirt with the opaque silhouette of a halter top on the chest. The halter shape is a shade lighter than the other parts of the shirt around it.
    • Eighth style - A shirt that has coloration at the tops of the sleeves that take the shape of cap sleeves, then fade into the same coloration as the torso and rest of the sleeves.
    • Ninth style - A collared Shirt with Sweetheart Neckline-shaped keyhole detail on the placket, which boarders the base of the neck and collar, and is sealed by a button. Can come with sleeves from cap to long.
    • Tenth style - Cap or short sleeved, standing-and-mandarin collared shirt with an ambiguously deep keyhole design.
    • Eleventh style - High-necked shirt with sweetheart-simulating stitching lines along the bust line and between them up to the neckline. Stitching line can be the only other color or be in between two different colors for the area above and below the bust line. Can be collared or collarless.
    • Twelfth style - Empire Waist shirt with sweetheart neckline and sleeves.
    • Thirteenth style - Shirt with stitching angled away from the bottom of the armpits to the tips of the shoulders, so that it gives the illusion on a broad bust and diminished shoulders.

    2. Bottoms & Skirts - Use the Calculator for best lengths, and come in all sizes

    • Denim Modesty Bermuda Shorts - Shorts that are somewhat tight at the hemming. These shorts, all of which never exceed the height of the longest finger's tip and are either at or below knee-level. They are bedazzled or possess different embellishments and over-sized pockets. 
    • Cotton Bermuda Shorts - Khaki or Navy Blue equivalents to the Denim Modest Bermuda Shorts, without the designs.
    • Blended Color Transitioning Bermuda Shorts - Between three centimeters above the knee to knee-length shorts that have two colors which blend into one another, resembling short shorts on top that blend into another coloration toward the hemming.
    • Blended Color Transitioning Skirt - Knee-length skirt that has two colors which blend into one another, resembling a miniskirt on top that blend into another coloration to the hemming.
    • Next-generation Skirt & Shorts sets - Skirts, that can be shaped like pencil skirts, that have hemlines that go from no more than 3 centimeters from the center of the ankle to mid-shin to four slender fingers from the top of the knee, below-the-knee, or mid thigh in length - made from a combination of Cotton, and Silk or Denim. The skirts have a series of buttons on the front and sides to make a detachable front, going from a pencil skirt to a high-low skirt or knee-length back skirt, with the front hemline being from 5 centimeters to a dollar bill's length from the center of the kneecap, which are available in khaki or navy blue. The denim variant can be worn with a pair of knee-length shorts that are somewhat tight at the hemline, which is always below the longest finger. 
    • Stretch Skort - Pair of solid-color shorts underneath inside a flared, knee-length skirt. (The complete look of a skirt with the freedom of shorts.) 
    • Trapezoid Skirt - Gradually trapezoid-silhouetted skirt. Can have hemline anywhere from the most of the thighs to the knees and can be worn with go-go boots. The skirt also comes with a built-in, detachable shorts for running in addition to its incredible elasticity. Its design is very similar to an A-line (skirt). 

    • Asymmetrical Skirt - A skirt similar to high-low skirt or dress, but the longer/lower part of the hemline can be on either side - left or right. The front and rear of the skirt are identical in height.
    • Shorts-in-a-Skirt - A pair of shorts with two pieces of fabric that can be buttoned to each other over the shorts, resembling a skirt.
    • Color-blending Modesty Skirt - Knee-length skirt that blends, then slowly changes between, two skin-complimenting colors halfway up from the hemline, forming multiple uncommon shades of colors. This skirt is not the only one with the knee-length style, but also comes in the styles for the skirts already listed.
    • Forward Knee Slit Pencil Skirt - Pencil skirt that has a slit at knee-level in the front and between the knees in order to help walking feel more comfortable.
    • Custom Jeans - All of the basic styles of jeans, with designs that match the wearer's preferences.
    • Zig-Zag Hemline Skirt - A skirt with a hemline that zig-zags, between the center of the kneecap to an inch below the knee, all the way around the skirt itself, with 1/2 an inch of space between the bottom and top points.

    3. Dresses: Based on all types of dresses, and come in all sizes

    • 3-in-1 Dress - A dress that can detach parts of the area below the bodice to be a maxi dress, knee-length dress or midi dress. May have a curve-hugging bodice. Slight to wide triangular shape until the knees, the lower part goes straight down.
    • Slim-fit Combo Dress - Slim version of the of the 3-in-1 dress. Can detach layers all the way to 18 to 20 inches below the hips. 
    • Hidden Secrets Dress - A dress that is connected at the shoulders and gradually widens as it drops past the underarms.
    • Chiffon-inspired Crossover Modesty Dress - Based on the Chiffon Crossover Tube Dress, the Modesty Dress maintains the color for the bodice, lightly padded bra cups, and blush pink skirt of the Tube Dress, but the bodice has shoulders and 3/4 length sleeves.
    • Trapezoid Dress - Either a loose, A-line or stretchy, slim-fitting dress with everything that goes past the waist is in a subtle trapezoid silhouette. Similar to the skirt of the same name and also similar to an A-line (skirt). Comes in four lengths:
      • Ankle Length
      • Floor Length 
      • Knee-length Version - Dress is either 3 centimeters above or below the knee.
    • Midi Dress - Exactly middle of the calf-length version that comes with a pair of stockings and matching shorts in case of situations requiring quick movement and for running in addition to its elasticity.
    • Contrasting Colored Shouldered Dress - Dresses, based on those with one-shoulder, that have two shoulders with the complementing colors changing as the go across the breasts in a single-strapped style and blends into another as it gets to the other side of the neck and breasts.
    • Two-Tone Bandeau Coloration Dress - A slim dress that has a skin tone-complementing, mini dress-silhouetted, spectrum-shifting coloration that starts right near the underarms and begins to blend with the other coloration. Then it transitions from coloration to another, resembling a strapless mini dress, blending back into the first coloration eight inches before the knee-length hemline. It comes with sleeves, which may have fluffy lining at the wrists that has the coloration blend into darker shades at the shoulders that also match the seven-and-a-half inches of dark-coloration that starts from the knees and goes up.
    • Modestly Conspicuous Dress - A dress that resembles its sexy predecessors by having one of the dress's colors resembling an immodest design or silhouette, while the other color is used on the fabric over the covered areas where skin was bared by the predecessor. This dress comes in a variety of styles.
    • Pencil Dress - A dress that fits like a pencil skirt, but the bodice fits like a dress shirt. It is design to emphasize a slightly curvy figure.
    • Zig-Zag Hemline Dress - A dress with a hemline that zig-zags, between the center of the kneecap to an inch below the knee, all the way around the dress itself, with 1/2 an inch of space between the bottom and top points.

    4. New Types of Footwear: 

    • Zip-off Go-go boots - Go-go boots that can have the foot section unzipped from the rest of the boot itself by a zipper at the ankle. Heels can be spiked or dress shoe-like - wide and only up to 2.5 inches high.
    • Ninja-style Flat Platform Open-toed Boots - Flat, cushioned, firmly-fitting boots with 1/2-inch-thick soles that have only the toes exposed. It can be cuffed at the ankle or upper shin. The shoe sole can be altered to be shin-high and have a heel that's three inches in height. These will be worn by the female characters, but will be commonly substituted for regular boot sandals/sandal boots. (Ninja-style here and here/here compared to ordinary herehere, & here; flat sandal boots/here, & hereGladiator-style/here & knee-high variant/here.)
    • Athletic Sandals - Athletic-style shoe with the toes separated by columns that attach to the tongue. The shoe has air holes, allowing it to breath as the wearer takes steps.
    • Footwear accessories
      • Sweat Reducers - Elastic, form-adjusting, water-absorbent inner soles and hole-ridden outer soles to excrete sweat & increase air flow, reducing smell. They also have small, moving balls that massage the foot with each step, relieving all foot problems. They are often in the dress and court shoes so they can be worn for long periods in the summer time.
      • Sneaky Soles - Soft outer soles and padded inner soles that prevent the wearer's presence from being noticed (on flat surfaces.
      • Toe Protector - Protective piece that has prongs that can go into holes of open-toed boots and shoes.

    5. Descriptions of My Female Character's Swimwear and Active Wear, coming in all sizes

    • Aquatic Suit - One-piece swimsuit with colored straps and sleeves that blend colors to compliment the skin's tone or is the same color as the skin. Padded cups cover the nipples and bosoms. It is high-necked in order to cover the cleavage, and has coverage for the thighs and hips' imperfections. May or may not have a 3-D graphic design, which would be protected by an air-tight, transparent, water-proof seal that can be pulled off and raps around the torso with buttons to secure it - that takes attention off the bust and/or bust line.
    • Modest Active Wear Pants - More modest alternatives to Yoga Pants and are more loosely rather than actually form-fitting in the hip and thigh area. They also have coloration lines on the waist and hip-thigh boarders, and are meant to look and feel like Yoga Pants bought one-size bigger than the wearer.
    • A-line Athletic Pants - Similar to the Modest Active Wear Pants, these flare outward from a fitted waist.
    • Slim-fit Workout Pants - Full-length workout pants that are loose enough to be considered modest, but slim enough to add proportional volume to the body.
    • Slim-fit Torso Top - Garment that fits like a combination of a tube top and a crop top. 

    6. Descriptions of My Female Characters' Business and Semi-formal Clothes

    • Business Formal - Solid-color, conservative suit with coordinated blouse. Moderate, close-toed shoes. Tan or light brown pantyhose (with skirts only). 
    • Business Casual - Other office-appropriate clothing consisting of: 
      • Tops: Sweaters, twinsets, cardigans, polo/knit shirts with collars, or anything w/ a collar.
      • Bottoms: Cotton, corduroy, twill or cotton pants/skirts, in cotton or silk, that are neatly pressed.

    7. Descriptions of My Female Characters' Accessories

    • Orbiter lenses- Lenses that contour and hug the eye socket, and mimic eye shadow, with a lens in front of each eye. Rims come in a variety colors, but can mimic skin tone.
    • Keyhole Collarbone Insulator - Garment worn over the shoulders and chest that is fitted over both is no longer than a crop top, but does not cover the armpits unless underarm attachments are, due to need, used. It is worn under keyhole shirts to keep chest worm if the tank top or other shirt underneath only covers the breasts but not the area between them and the collarbone.
    • Hair-colored Shawl - Shawl for the head, matching the wearer's hair color, that is worn in church.
    • Sewing Instruction Manual and Kit - Guide to help wearer add adjustments to their clothes.

    Descriptions of my Male Characters' Clothes:

    1. Alternatives to Jeans

    • Cotton Slacks - in Khaki or Navy
    • Chinos
    • Linen Slacks

    2. T-shirt Alternatives/Shirts worn over V-neck T-shirts

    • Button-down Shirts
    • Polo Shirts
    • Golf Shirts
    • Sports Shirts

    3. Descriptions of my Male Characters' On-the-job & Semi-formal Clothes:

    • Business Formal/Occasionally Semi-formal - Solid-color, conservative suit with moderate shoes and matching belt.
      • Professional/Business Suits
      • Custom Colored Suit sets - Suit with owner's tie or shirt in their favorite color
    • Business Casual 
      • Pants - Khaki, navy, corduroy, or gabardine pants, in cotton or silk, that are neatly pressed. 
      • Shirts - Cotton, long-sleeved dress shirts (pressed), knit shirts with collars, or sweaters.
    • Accessories - Belts that match shoe color.
    • Custom Blazers - Blazers with three-dimensional or ink designs, in color or neutral. The designs are inside, and are exclusive to the black, grey, and blue blazers. They are acceptable in the workplaces, work-related events, and other casual occasions. The come in single- and double-breasted variants.
    • Tuxedos: For Formal occasions

    4. Description of my Male Character's Footwear

    • Alternatives to Tennis and other athletic shoes
      • Oxfords
      • Derbies
      • Smart slip-on shoes

    5. Description of my Male Characters' Swimwear & Active Wear

    • Color-blending full-body Swimsuit - Soft, slim swimsuit that ends with shorts, and color-blending torso with sleeves. Coloration is complimentary to the skin tone, and blends the colors from the collar bone down. Sleeves are light and blend to skin tone at forearms. The body's muscle structure and excretory features are virtually flat, even when wet, due to tuxedo/tailored suit-style design. Comes with attachable, matching shin pieces, beach shoes and an optional 3D graphic design - protected by a skin-tight, water-proof seal that can be pulled off and raps around the torso to secure it.
    • Straight leg Joggers - Loose, sweat-proof joggers.

    6. Miscellaneous Items

    • Sewing Instruction Manual and Kit - Guide to help wearer add adjustments to their clothes.
    • Shoe shiner

    Your opinions

    You can add other clothing that you describe as inconspicuous and conservative. That same idea and standard goes for male characters.

    Also, what...?
    01) your opinion on girls' shorts and skirts, when it comes to the maximum heights, in closest estimates of inches?
    • My school district said, "no more than the length of a dollar bill from the center of  the kneecap" [for high school].
    02) so indecent about sleeveless clothes that cover cleavage?
    • your opinion of sleeveless shirts that - whether spaghetti strapped or not - cover the cleavage?
    03) you think of these outfits - 5 Outfits Guys Secretly Hope You'll Wear - and the tank top necklines of outfits No. 1 & 5?
    04)...places on clothes where (any/all types of) writing and other detailing should not be located (breasts,...etc.,)?
    05)...modesty tips can you offer young men and boys - e.g.: wearing pants in the right size, with a belt,...etc.? - and what do you think of the pants recommended in this video? Link: Mansome 191: Pants that aren't jeans?
    06) your honest opinion of women and girls wearing pullover casual shirts with (specifically) boot cut/flare jeans or yoga pants?
    07) wrong with the shirt of the girl in this video - seen below - from 4:36 - 4:42?
    08) your view, and your suggestion, on workout clothes for men and women, because some guys - like myself - consider flared/boot cut yoga pants or jeans with a tank top is modestly toothsome?
    09) you think of a girl wearing jeans (not skinny, though) that have nicks/tears/holes to show skin or leggings, but not undergarments? (Undergarments are covered, and the intentionally-placed wholes don't reveal the entire thigh.)
    10) you think of this being worn as a business casual outfit? Link: Sexy Librarian.
    11) your honest opinion on tube tops that are long enough that they cover the midriff and cleavage of the girls who can wear them - like this one?
    12) you think of Megan Fox's outfits (including shoes, excluding flip flops)-
    1. At LAX Airport
    2. At 2007 Teen Choice Awards
    3. At Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles Unveiling
    4. At MTV Movie Awards Press Room
    5. At 11th Annual Hollywood Awards
    6. At Transformers 2 Press Conference
    7. At 2009 MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet
    8. Transformers 2 in LA
    9. 2011 TIFF Friends With Kids Premiere
    10. Interscope Awards Grammy After Party
    11. 7th Annual March of Dimes Celebration of Babies
    12. Attending a Lakers Game with Brian
    13. Out in LA
    14. Shopping at Madison Boutique in West Hollywood
    15. Veteran's Home in California
    16. Shopping at Fred Segal
    17. Outside Brian's LA Home
    18. Visiting Kassius
    19. Having Lunch and Visiting Psychic Cottage
    20. Having Lunch with Brian
    21. At the dentist w/ spouse
    22. Walking around Beverly Hills
    23. At Coffee Bean
    24. At Indigo Store in Ventura Boulevard
    25. At Hollywood Store
    26. Shopping at Gucci
    27. At Sunset Marquis Hotel
    28. Visiting a Dentist
    29. Leaving Five-Fifteen Hair Salon in Glendale
    30. Leave a Toast Bakery in LA
    31. In Santa Monica with spouse
    32. In Toronto with spouse
    33. Going to a meeting
    34. Shopping at Cisco Home

    Cap Sleeve Shirts replacing Sleeveless Shirts

    What about cap-sleeved shirts replacing sleeveless shirts? Caps sleeves keep the shoulders covered, and can be worn modestly. Maybe the clothing industry can make workout versions of these shirts to replace the idea of wearing just tank tops (and nothing underneath them), and people could wear pullovers underneath them, right?

    For Other Opinions

    In Natasha Atkerson's "How to Wear Tank Tops Modestly!" Blog, she said, underneath her guidelines, "Make sure that tank isn't too loose, you don't want see anything in the arm holes", as if people dislike seeing a woman's shoulders, even if the armpits are covered. Why is that?

    For Logic, Coherency's Sake 

     I want the women and girls to be more realistically portrayed for a change. I also want it to be reasonable for a girl to be able to look good and running from danger or - you may think this is incredibly weird - throw Martial Arts (General Fighting techniques)-style, head-high kicks in a fight or self-defense while wearing pumps or low heels - 2 inches or less. The shoes will have buckle closure - a buckle securing the shoe to the ankle and heel. But there will be scene where the girl/woman will be wearing high heels, and will be in a fight of some sorts. (The TV & Movie adaptations will probably not contain any violence, but the books probably will.)

    If a girl were in a dangerous situation, and she is wearing a skirt, which of these would allow more running room?
    1. Knee-length Pleated Skirt that widens as it descends, like an A-line
    2. Exercise Power Skort (with bicycle shorts underneath) - Spanx Power Skort
    3. Knee-length, stretchy, tailored/slim-fitting skirt (Denim or not - I've seen a slim-fitting, around-knee-level, denim skirt)
    4. An ordinary A-line skirt
    5. A flared, circular skirt

    Everyone's Opinions

    In my book one or more of my female characters will, either by choice or suggestion, decide to turn indecent outfit into a decent one. An example would be lengthening the skirt and closing the open areas of the Cami Top of this tie dye outfit: Halter Top & Mini Skirt Set

    The seventh file - at the bottom of this blog - is of a girl wearing two spaghetti strapped tank tops. Her cleavage is covered, as with the girl in file No. 8 (left of No. 7), just with one spaghetti strapped tank top. Also, what about these tank tops, what can be done about them? (Click to view them.) (Images range from all-entertainment to one celebrity photo-shoot.)

    (Why do you think, even for the ones that cover cleavage, that spaghetti strap tank tops are skimpy.) So, in your opinion, what clothes - that I came up with and showed to you - should I keep and what should I get rid of and stray (away) from using in my book/series/franchise?

    8 More images (click for larger sizes & links to form opinions) -

    File No. 1: Katharine McPhee's outfit - Needed changes include....

    File No. 2: Left: Ruby's appearance, Middle-left: Weiss' appearance, Middle-right: Blake's appearance, Right: Yang's appearance - Changes needed include...

    File No. 3: Pyrrha's appearance - Changes needed include....

    File No. 4: Alisa's appearance - Changes needed include....
    File No. 5: Lili's outfit (2nd paragraph) - Changes needed included....
    File No. 6: Sonya Blades MK9 Artwork
    For this file, can you describe the eight outfits in outfits in this order:

    Far left:
    • Needed changes:
    Top row, left:
    • Need changes:
    Top row, right:
    • Needed changes:
    Bottom row, left:
    • Needed changes:
    Bottom row, middle:
    • Needed changes:
    Bottom row, right:
    • Needed changes:
    Second picture from right:
    • Needed changes:
    Far right:
    • Needed changes:
    ...and tell me what you would add to, or modified about, - but not subtract from - them to make each one more modest and less skin-baring?
    What about these spaghetti strapped tank tops? They completely cover the cleavage of the girls wearing them.